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Promote and manage your events

If you are looking for a DIY platform that’s easy to use and have events set up in minutes, look no further than Universe.

Universe has helped over 28,000 event organisers around the world sell more tickets by helping them engage directly with their audience and through the use of their easy-to-use event management tools. 

Sell tickets anywhere

Create your own event page, customise it or embed ticket sales directly onto your website and or Facebook page with no redirect to external sites.

Buy quickly

Minimal clicks to buy and a fully customisable checkout process allows you to capture key customer information.

Process payments

Get paid instantly with secure and easy online credit card processing, no merchant account needed. With zero set-up costs and no monthly or hidden fees, you can even offer payment plans for higher priced tickets. 

Complex ticketing made easy

Universe offers multiple ticket types and customisable checkout pages, allowing you to tailor the service for your event. You can also ask your customers questions, engage them through email marketing and discounts, and track everything through analytics, detailing reporting and much more. 

Social data tools

Incentivise your customers through link-sharing and social media engagement. As the event owner you have full control over pre-prescribed tweets and messaging.

Social marketing tools

Use free built-in tools for your email and social media campaigns to track conversions, explore analytics and ensure you reach the right audience and grow your existing customer base. 

At-the-door Ticket Manager app

Our free Ticket Manager app let's you check-in and manage attendees, sell tickets directly on the door and track sales in real time. 

Third party integration

We’ve partnered with your favourite third party apps, including Salesforce, MailChimp, Google Analytics and Wordpress, to provide a holistic experience for event owners.

Join us. You'll be in great company

"As an event organizer, Universe has consistently helped save me time; I can easily manage attendees, send comp tickets in bulk, scan tickets at the door, and more. It also saves me money by helping me reach more people via social media." Joel Solish, Food Events Organizer, Owner at Death Row Meals

"It was so easy to integrate Universe's widget on our site. The entire process from posting the details about our events to selling on our site took less than 5 minutes. I love that our customers stay on our site at all times." Pam Lobb, Arts & Crafts Workshop Organizer, Owner at Graven Feather

Case study: Universe rides for Bike Shed London

Discover how the Bike Shed London, Europe's best independent annual motorcycle show, used our ticketing solution Universe, for their 2017 event. Read the case study here.

"We’ve continued to see success every year with Universe.  Set-up is simple and the registration process is very user-friendly. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to collect customer data through custom  checkout questions for our marketing efforts."  Anthony “Dutch” van Someren, Founder


Case study: Universe strikes for Wolverhampton City Council

Discover how Wolverhampton City Council used Universe to ticket Wolverhampton Wonderers’ championship celebration in the city's West Park here.

"We are all very impressed! We went on sales with 30,000 free tickets with very little notice and it sold out in just 50 minutes." Liz Grimshaw, Box Office Manager

Photo credit: WWFC party courtesy of Express & Star