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Get to know your audience

Gain a 360° view for smarter insights

Get smarter, actionable insights through the entire season or event lifecycle. Better context and benchmarks guide your business decisions at every stage and every level.

Use big data for more impact tomorrow

Learn today what will make tomorrow's efforts even more impactful. Our LiveAnalytics team puts data science behind your efforts, giving you the most powerful formula for ongoing donations, subscription renewals and ticketing success for every event.

Target more patrons, donors and subscribers

Leverage our robust digital ecosystem to capture more patron data across every touchpoint, from ticket transfers and resale to mobile entry. Knowing your audience empowers you to target and reach patrons more effectively.

Track performance from anywhere

Measure and share event health in real time with Analytics and its mobile counterpart Ticker. Adjust pricing or campaigns as needed and apply your knowledge to future events.

Beat the bots with dynamic pricing

Give your pricing a boost

Powered by industry-leading pricing data, our Platinum and VIP ticket programmes thrill fans while increasing revenue for event stakeholders.

Our experienced team of experts use unique data to dynamically price tickets to match demand. 

Let data and demand guide your pricing model and stay flexible with Ticketmaster Platinum – a ticket-only option for in demand tickets – offering you the chance to price closer to their true value. Platinum reduces resale activity by having tickets still available on the primary market even after the main events have sold out.

Harness the power of our relationships

Sell tickets here, there and everywhere

Ticketmaster is the go-to ticketing destination for tens of millions of unique monthly visitors – but we’re not just attracting fans to your tickets, we’re also taking your tickets to new fans.

The Ticketmaster Affiliate programme is part of the largest affiliate network in the UK. The programme has over 1,500 active partners and the top partners alone have an average monthly online reach of over 9 million.

Reach further with our unique data

Harness the power of our data and reach more fans than ever before. Fan Network combines the latest real-time bidding technology with our own artist Affinity algorithm, so you can get your message to more fans. No more bulk buying and guesswork – Fan Network only targets relevant audiences with real-time decision making. 

New audiences through partners

From online promotion and newsletters to artist alerts, blog posts and even radio ads, we work with you to identify, recruit and develop key partners for your event.

With our strategic partners – American Express and Hilton, who both have significant client bases and reach – we can extend your campaign to a new level.

Connect with your audience

Spend less, sell more

Your event is built and prices are set. Now drive sales using the No.1 fan database and one of the largest ecommerce sites in the world.

Only Ticketmaster provides the data depth, scale and industry-leading tools to maximise results throughout the entire event lifecycle.

Automate and deliver personalised content that engages and sells using LiveAnalytics data and premium email capabilities, or create targeted campaigns with our robust, easy-to-use email solution, tmMessenger.

Messenger is purpose built for live entertainment, so you don’t have to rely on generic segmentation tools to find the right audience.

You can use easy drag-and-drop tools with powerful functionality to match your message with the best audience.

Create an enhanced venue experience

Ticketmaster Experience

Ticketmaster Experience allows you to sell food and drink through your own branded app. Customers can download and order in just a few taps, then collect from locations in your venue. It reduces queues and improves customer experience.

Ticketmaster Experience enables venues to quickly capitalise on the huge push to mobile while shortening queues, increasing food and beverage revenues, gathering customer insight and maintaining better stock control. 

  • Sell food and drink from your own branded app 
  • Increase sales from the Ticketmaster app
  • Reduce queues and increase revenue
  • Get new insights about your customers

TicketWeb Backline

Get fast event creation, fully integrated marketing and much more

Established in 1996, TicketWeb now sells over 1.5 million tickets a year, with independent live music venues and clubs being its stronghold.

TicketWeb Backline is their completely DIY ticketing platform designed in collaboration with the industry to empower independent promoters and grassroots venues.

With nothing more than internet access and a browser, you can put events on sale in seconds. There’s no software to buy or install, no special hardware required and no updates to worry about.

Click here to learn more about TicketWeb Backline.

Verified Fan

Get your tickets into the hands of true fans with Ticketmaster technology

We are committed to putting your fans first and providing the best customer experience. In order to provide fair access, we use algorithms and unique data to identify and remove anyone using unfair tactics to access tickets.

Here's how it works: 

  • Fans register for the presale
  • We analyse the data and only provide real fans with a unique code
  • Fans then use their unique code to access the Verified Fan Presale