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Market more efficiently

Tailor your communications to get the right message to the right fan

More data, greater reach and unparalleled scale achieve stunning results – and we've got something for every budget. Leverage the world's largest database and Ticketmaster's industry-leading marketing tools and programs to maximise ROI while selling more tickets.

Use data for more targeted outreach

Easily identify and target your ideal audience for all types of engagement. Segment your own database or draw from ours for top-performing subscription renewals, seasonal promotions, fundraising campaigns and more.

Messenger is purpose built for live entertainment, so you don’t have to rely on generic segmentation tools to find the right audience.

You can use easy drag and drop tools with powerful functionality to match your message with the best audience.

Gain a 360° view for smarter insights

Get to know your audience

Your audience drives many of the decisions you make, so get to know them with tmAnalytics. Each fan is unique, which is why we've built tmAnalytics around them. It lets you dig deep to understand your customers with new insights. Learn who your customers are, where they come from, what they buy and how they buy – all within a single customer view in tmAnalytics.

Get smarter, actionable insights throughout the entire season or event lifecycle and let better context and benchmarks guide your business decisions at every stage and every level.

Use big data for more impact tomorrow

Learn today what will make tomorrow's efforts even more impactful. Our LiveAnalytics team puts data science behind your efforts, giving you the most powerful formula for ongoing donations, subscription renewals and ticketing success for every event.

Target more patrons, donors and subscribers

Leverage our robust digital ecosystem to capture more patron data across every touchpoint, from ticket transfers and resale to mobile entry. Knowing your audience better empowers you to target and reach patrons more effectively.

Track performance from anywhere

Measure and share event health in real time with Analytics and its mobile counterpart Ticker. Adjust pricing or campaigns as needed and apply your knowledge to future events.

Increase your reach with our unique data

Sell tickets here, there and everywhere

Ticketmaster is the go-to ticketing destination for tens of millions of unique monthly visitors – but we’re not just attracting fans to your tickets, we’re also taking your tickets to new fans.

The Ticketmaster Affiliate programme is part of the largest affiliate network in the UK. The programme has over 1,500 active partners and the top partners alone have an average monthly online reach of over 9 million.

Reach further with our unique data

Harness the power of our data and reach more fans than ever before.

Fan Network combines the latest real-time bidding technology with our own artist Affinity algorithm so you can get your message to more fans.

No more bulk buying and guesswork because Fan Network only targets relevant audiences with real-time decision making.

Group bookings made simple

We get big parties

Ticketmaster Groups is dedicated to providing a total sales service for group organisers, social clubs, coach operators, inbound and domestic tour operators and schools. Make sure your show reaches these bookers!

Our group marketing includes dedicated online pages, targeted emails and a quarterly groups guide with features and interviews to help build awareness beyond the event itself.

See the latest Groups guide

Let's talk about offers

Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas – whatever the season, our dedicated promotions team can help promote your event to targeted customers based on genre, location and also through partnerships and closed user groups.

Minimaster is Ticketmaster's family initiative that provides a destination for parents to seek information and recommendations on child-friendly, kid-approved events. 

A flexible approach to offers and promotions on existing inventory to boost sales and increase event visibility

Special offers and promotions can take on many different identities. We listen to what you would like to do with your promotion and work with you to build and market these deals.

  • Public or private – when setting up an offer we can either market to a closed user group as a private offer or feature on
  • Targeted marketing – sent to related bookers but excluding customers who have already booked to avoid customer complaints
  • Variety of set-up options – we can offer percentage discounts, money off discounts, no booking fees, kids go free offers and many more