If you thought Universe’s ticketing technology was just used for exhibitions and conferences, then think again. Our powerful self-service ticketing platform can help fill ice skating rinks, draw attendees out in droves to watch spectacular fireworks displays, bring eager shoppers to festive winter wonderlands and so much more!

Rapidly growing, Universe has already helped over 28,000 event organisers in more than 400 cities around the world sell tickets by letting them engage directly with their audiences. 

Why is it so popular? It’s because Universe offers so many benefits.

The platform features easy-to-use tools that allow organisers to create their own event page and sell directly on their website and Facebook pages with no redirects to external websites.

Universe is also incredibly flexible. You can change details on your event page in real time as well as benefit from third-party integration with Salesforce, WordPress and MailChimp.

Plus with Universe there’s no set-up costs or hidden fees. No merchant account is needed, and you get paid every 24 hours. There are even options so you can offer payment plans for higher priced tickets.  For these and many other reasons Universe is quickly becoming the ticketing solution of choice across a variety of industry verticals.

In addition to ice rinks and fireworks displays, everything from art workshops to photography exhibitions, from food festivals to film screenings, from tech conferences to non-profit gatherings have all used the platform to fulfil their ticketing needs.

No matter what your event’s shape or size, if you’re looking for a DIY ticketing solution that’s easy to use and can be set up in minutes, look no further than Universe.

For more information about Universe, visit here or contact a Client Account Manager at sales@ticketmaster.co.uk.

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