For the third year, Ticketmaster joined Stand Up To Cancer to help take cancer out, raising cancer-crushing cash to help seriously smart scientists turn badass developments in the lab into game-changing treatments ASAP.

Among the ways we helped was by offering a tick the box at the checkout to donate to Stand Up To Cancer when buying tickets, right here on Ticketmaster.


Our 2017 up-sell campaign for Stand Up To Cancer raised an incredible £90,291 which is more than 2015 and 2016’s upsells combined! 

To put into perspective just what this means, this money is enough to fund over two years of a Stand Up To Cancer clinical trial that is using immunotherapy and radiotherapy to tackle lung cancer. This trial is investigating how we can use these two treatment options to hopefully hit the cancer from two directions so it can’t become resistant to treatment. This support really is helping us bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.  

For more information about Stand Up To Cancer or to make a donation, visit

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