Ticketmaster is delighted to congratulate Richard Brundle as the new chairman of The Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR). Ticketmaster has been an active supporter of STAR since its inception in 1997.  Richard who was approved unanimously at STAR’s recent AGM, succeeds Adrian Sanders, who has retired after two-and-a-half years in the role. 

One of Richard’s immediate aims is for the ticketing and wider entertainment industry to meet the challenges set out in Attitude Is Everything’s recent State Of Access Report. He said, “We need to bring together as many parties as possible to make tickets available to all, including those with access issues. Great strides have started on that and one of my goals is bring an industry wide standard in this area.”

Richard is a qualified accountant who has specialised in the theatre, entertainment, and hospitality industries, and has held numerous senior and board level positions in the commercial theatre and entertainment industries for 30 years.

Source: James Hanley, Music Week, 16 July 2018


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