They aimed to inspire, encourage and motivate the high school students about future career options.

Over the past two weeks, the International Design team hosted two high school students, Agnes Dacoury and Alessa Weiler (shown above) from the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in London, to help them explore future career options.

"This partnership is part of a wider and very personal cause of mine: to mentor, recruit, and advance more women and minorities in tech. And thanks to the help of our amazing International Design team and our fantastic partners in Frontend Engineering, we were able to inspire these bright young ladies to consider a career in design and technology!" said Christine Lanoy, Vice President, International Design at Ticketmaster.


The students spent the two weeks observing the Design team at work, but were also actively engaged in design workshops and even participated in an internship assessment day. They also produced a presentation at the end of the two weeks, where they conducted a heuristic and competitive analysis of Ticketmaster's mobile apps. They not only produced potential design solutions, but also a physical prototype they coded themselves! 

Agnes and Alessa share some of their thoughts on design, their experiences and what they learned at Ticketmaster below:

About the field of design 

Alessa: Before I came here, I thought design was only for creative and artsy people, but it was just something that had no borders. But I figured out at the end of the week, it was more logical and more like art in a logic square – being artsy but with limits, which is pretty cool.

Agnes: I never thought [design] incorporated so many different thinking – of people’s ideas or what people would think.


About their first day

Alessa: I thought the first day was kind of scary, but I found that in this workplace, the relationship between the people made the environment more welcoming. And then as the week went on, I got really into it and very close with people. I really learned a lot throughout the week about what people’s jobs were, what they do, and why they’re so passionate about it. And it showed me there was a lot more options than I thought that was out there. 

lycee1.jpg lycee2.jpg

About what they learned at Ticketmaster

Alessa: I had learned coding at school before, but it was too complicated and I didn’t think I could do it, but learning it from the team at Ticketmaster, I was able to understand it and I’m ready to learn about it more!

Agnes: That you can balance working well and having fun, because sometimes you can’t have both. And that dynamic here is really cool and we’re really lucky compared to the most of the other students at our school. And I also learned that there are different jobs that I didn’t know that existed, and that is very cool.

Alessa: I also learned that technology is not only coding but also lots of different things, like business and design.


Some final thoughts...

Alessa: I wanted to thank everybody here for being so welcoming, happy and enthusiastic about their work. That energy is really contagious and it spread to me and I really enjoyed it.

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