Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan is the ninth edition of the showcase event and the first to be hosted in Asia.

Rugby World Cup is the financial engine behind unprecedented investment and growth in rugby worldwide. The Rugby World Cup (RWC) is held every 4 years. The RWC ’19 was hosted in Japan (12 venues around the country) from the 20th of September to the 2nd of November and it was the ninth world cup to take place. This was the first time this tournament was held in Asia and also the first time that it had taken place outside the traditional heartland (England, New Zealand etc.) of the sport.











Ren-G was the official mascot of Rugby World Cup 2019 that has been unveiled by the Japan Rugby 2019 organizing committee at a special event in Tokyo today. The mascot, which is based on traditional storytelling characters grounded in ancient Japanese culture, is said to embody rugby’s values with the purpose of spreading the spirit of the game and happiness throughout Japan and around the world.

Japan Rugby World Cup 2019 Organizing Committee CEO Akira Shimazu said before the games started: “With less than six months to go before Asia’s first Rugby World Cup kicks off in Japan, it’s encouraging to see such an incredible response from international fans. While we expected to see large numbers coming from the traditional rugby nations, I am thrilled that both the USA and Germany are in the top ten countries of international ticket purchases.” 

Ticketmaster Hellas is incredibly excited for this ticketing partnership with the Rugby World Cup. Ticketmaster provided the RWC with specialist sports ticketing technology allowing fans to safely and securely purchase tickets. In addition to this, fans could also choose their own seats and receive digital tickets making it easier than ever before to buy tickets and attend live sports events.

Τhe Ticketmaster Team who supported the games said: "Two and a half years of hard work boiled down to this. Selling almost 2 million tickets for 12 venues across Japan, from Sapporo to Fukuoka and from Osaka to Tokyo, blending the Mediterranean, North European and Far Eastern cultures with the cultures of myriads of visitors from the 5 continents was, without a doubt, a demanding but rewarding experience. After all this is what ticketing and being part of worldwide projects is all about. Working with people, making people happy, creating moments and memories. We can now safely say we have a family on the other side of the planet too and some stories for the years to come."

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